CAR TOWN FLOWER TRUCK is an exercise of free and automatic translation. Rather than translating, it ends up confronting different universes such as drawing and written word, organic and digital. Based on the original panels of La Eriza, drawn by Dean Claydon, the intervention simply tries to answer the question "what´s this?" the most usual way: looking up in google.

The goal is to transform some fantastic shapes into words, bringing them into the everyday absurd. How well can we describe what we do not understand? That is a question I ask myself frequently (without looking for any coherent answer). Describing is a way of communicating, of telling something in a different way, of moving from one universe to another, of crossing a boundary and hopelessly facing a barrier: we can only describe what we understand, and we can only understand what we can actually name.












The text seen is google´s first suggestion as result of a search by image (the shape that is now hidden by the text). It is the first textual reference or the name of an image file that is somehow alike the shape. As in a russian roulette previously scripted by all users, the content of the image triggers a series of associations that may lead us to different places (to obvious or intimate places) but can hardly get us any closer to the drawings themselves. Hardly. Supposedly. There is a lot to refine.

We must understand that “googling” something is more than a contemporary habit: it is a part of the process of thought. So the work is not about finding out if the images have or hide any meaning, any knowledge; It is about giving meaning to the very gesture itself.