I am there and god is then 

Being somewhere means not being everywhere else. Doing anything equals not doing all the other possibilities. "I am there and god is then" is a poetical approach and a personal reflexion over the themes of absence, action and regret, which happens through a visual game with the presence of the spectator.

What we see is our reflexion, in opposition the an outright nothing – a material absence that is exactly where the proposed images are contained. The action is presented in a passive and weak form that questions its own need to exist and encourages the possibility of being driven. Under any possibility, remorse is latent.

Elements of coercion, manipulation and fear are opposed to aesthetic purity and lightness that define the beginning of a search. Everything is possible but everything is wrong. I´m not here. Neither is God now present. This means that somewhere else at some other time we happen to be together.

||  Works produced by Matadero for the exhibition ICEBERG, september 2012.





Foto: Marta Orozco